What is a Buyer’s Home Inspection?

When a person decides to sell a house, it’s more complicated than just advertising and looking for a potential buyer; almost nobody is willing to buy property without a guarantee that they are getting their money’s worth. This of course, is understandable, considering the risk of buying homes. For that reason, many countries have specialized agencies that deal with the observing the condition of property for potential buyers. These trained and certified individuals are called home inspectors, and each job they do is called a home inspection.

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Frequently Asked Questions During Home Inspections

The job of a home inspector is to make an accurate and technical report of the conditions of a house for the benefit of a buyer. Many countries even require licensed home inspectors to report on a house before a contract is considered valid. This makes it in the greatest interest of the seller to impress the home inspector when he/she comes to visit.

When selling a house, the seller is usually informed ahead of time that an inspector will drop by for a visit; depending on the agency, they may either specify a time and date or only give a general time frame of when the inspection will take place. Either way, the seller usually has the right to know who will be doing the inspection, thus giving ample time to prepare for the event.

House Condition

There are a number of things to consider when preparing a house for inspection, first and foremost of these is the physical condition of the house. It is always good to check the entire structure for any damage. This doesn’t just include the floors, walls, and ceilings of each room, but also the very roof of the structure, and the foundation and support it has. Home inspectors tend to ask questions that relate to these. They may ask about pest problems – termites, ants, or rodents – that the homeowner may have had to deal with. It is a good idea to repair what can be repaired without too much of an expense; a few rotted floorboards, or a cracked window.

Home inspectors will also ask about the property’s utilities, such as plumbing and electricity. To prepare for these questions, take note of any faulty wiring, sparking electric sockets, or leaks in the pipes around the house. Again, minor repairs may be necessary, but try not to overspend; you are selling the house for a profit.


Nobody wants to spend too much on a home that is not comfortable enough to be worth the money a seller asks for it. House inspectors tend to ask questions related to comfort issues such as ventilation, space, and the consistency of the house’s internal environment. While there isn’t much that can be done to improve such issues (because they usually come with the way the house is built), it is best to try and not to hide these details, as it comes off as untrustworthy of the seller. Remember that the home inspector isn’t looking to reduce the value of the house in the eyes of the buyer, but simply to provide a report of the way things are. That said; try to highlight the most comfortable areas of the house.

Neighborhood and Environment

Sometimes, it is not just the house that the inspector has to take not of; the neighborhood in which it is build also contributes to a lot of factors that buyer may be interested in. Is the house accessible to emergency services? Are there safety issues in the local area? Are the neighbors friendly? What are the sanitary conditions of the district?

Many inspectors also go for often overlooked details. Trees that grow near houses can add environment quality, or can be hazards during particularly stormy seasons. It often helps to clean anything within the property before the inspector arrives, as this not only looks more attractive, but makes it easier for the inspector to isolate the good and bad traits and characteristics of the home.

A visit from a home inspector is sometimes intimidating, but is necessary for the benefit of a business deal. Remember that it isn’t about impressing the inspector, but about providing a clear picture for what the buyer can expect. After the inspection, all that remains to talk about is the price of the house, and that falls between the seller and the buyer.

Life Goals



All work and no fun really will make any person dull. Me? I work very hard at my job, not really by necessity but by choice. I love this job of mine and would do anything to maintain my practice and I always make sure to get ahead of everybody in any way I can. Research, meetings, seminars, and everything, I do them all just to stay relevant in my field. But when it comes to rest and recreation, I am the best.

People who know me think that I have the best of both worlds. I work pretty hard to earn my keep but when the work ends, I make sure I can do anything that interests me and help me relax. I can party all night long and be none the worse the following morning, going to the club, going to bars, anything that enters my mind, I do. Of course I know my limits and would not be caught dead doing anything illegal or stupid.

People who do not know me will apparently have their own impression of me depending on where they see me. If they see me at work, then they will think I am the consummate professional that I really am. But when they see me having fun, then they might think I am a bum or something, that’s how crazy I can be when I am having fun.

I believe in giving your all when you do something. It reflects on my work and it also reflects when I am having fun. When you have the luck of seeing me during my crazy times, then you will think that it was probably my last day on Earth as I am doing all the darndest things I can on any particular occasion.

But do no mistake me for a fool as I know what my limits are. You would not believe me if I tell you that I do no drink alcohol or anything that may intoxicate me. It is really hard to explain how I do it, but once you get to know me a little bit better then you will understand what I am talking about.

I also do have quiet times all by myself. I believe in thinking in solitude and it works wonders for my whole body and mind. I am a practitioner of yoga and I have in my possession several of the best yoga DVD’s that are available in the market today, and I use it every day. It helps me keep my focus on things and it also certainly helps my body a lot.

I also dream of having my very own family one of these days. Being alone is fun, but I think having a family is a much better thing. I long for the day when I will be at the mall searching for the best pack n play to buy for my babies, carrying them on my back with my wife by my side. How I wish for that day to come soon.

My Job, My Passion

Doing home inspection is my job and I have been doing it for so many years already. I studied for it and became very acquainted to it, all with the help of my mentor who has decades of home inspection experience under his belt. I can safely say that I know every facet of it and am very familiar with it like it is the back of my hands kind of thing.

I find it very fulfilling that I can help people identify problems inside their homes. It can be anything simple like corrosion build up, or much worse things like a fungi breakout, which can really affect the living condition inside a house. Helping people is kind of my thing and being a house inspector certainly provides me many chances for it.

You could not really tell that something is wrong in a house only by looking at it. What is needed is a very careful and thorough inspection of every facet of the structure, starting from the ground, up to the top. Inspection usually is done with the help of several measuring equipment and aids, all with the capacity of detecting even the minutest of faults, which unfortunately might not be noticed only by plain sight.

You might wrongly think that everything is fine and dandy but eventually fail to notice tell-tale signs of degradation. For example, you might have the best reverse osmosis system available today, yet suffer from unclean water. Where do you think the fault lies in this situation?

Well you know the machine works wonders on water filtering, but it falls short on delivering its promise of totally clean water, as it is still dependent upon the pipes that convey the water to your taps. It cleans the water perfectly well, but the water may still get soiled once it is out of the machine and gets released to the pipes, which apparently may harbor unseen defects due to the length of use.

So our advice on these kinds of situations is to install new pipes when you put in a filtration system to treat your water. Not the whole pipe system but only the ones responsible for bringing out treated water from your filtering machine to your faucets.

My job is somewhat hard as you must really know which things to look out for. I do really need the help of several kinds of equipment and I always bring them with me, with the help of some of the best lightweight luggage system that is well suited for the job. I am blind as a bat, with regards to total house inspection, if I do not have my tools with me.

But then again, everything is relatively easy if you know what you are doing. Nothing is really hard if you put in the time to study it and prepare for it. Like everything in this world, nothing you do is considered a job if you like doing it. If it is your passion, then everything will be easy, like a literal piece of cake.

Family Planning Day 1

My wife and I have felt that our big home is so lonely even if we have a pet dog. We finally decided to make plans on making a baby or possibly babies. We wanted two kids, but I prefer two boys opposed to her wanting a boy and a girl. I told her that either is fine, I just hope our kids will grow big and healthy.

It’s Sunday today and that means grocery shopping day for our family. It took us a while to get a good parking spot as there were too many parked cars. It’s just unfortunate that busy people like us can only afford to go to the mall every weekend. Grocery shopping with Kelly takes some time as she has this system of going through all the counters in the shop and she always compares prices with other brands. After an hour or two, we were finally finished. As I was entering my car, I saw a brochure pinned on my wipers. It is a free seminar about family planning on a community center nearby. Kelly thought that it wasn’t just a coincidence as I smiled but then, I also see other car windshields also with the same kind of brochure. I pointed it out to Kelly as I drive off home. At home, Kelly meticulously read the brochure and she was wanting me to go with her. I told her that I can only go if it’s a weekend. She made me read the brochure and it was also available on weekends.

Next week came as we were going to the community center. There was an accident between a car and a truck. We were stuck there for almost an hour. We came late to the seminar but they gladly accepted us and appreciated that we made time for it. Their current topic was about foods to avoid while breastfeeding. The lecturer told us that consuming any kind of drink with caffeine and alcohol wasn’t going to give the baby good effects. She also cited that Swordfish, Tilefish and King Mackerel are the most important foods to avoid because they contain high mercury content. She added that staying away from eating processed foods is also a vital part for the babies as you don’t want them absorb it. She reminded all of us to keep in mind that whatever the mommies eat, they may get it.

The lecturer asked the room for more questions and someone raised her hand and asked her on what are the ways on how to stop breastfeeding as it was her problem with their first baby. She acknowledged the question and told us that ceasing it may be a bit emotional as it was like a bonding moment with the child and mom but it is essential to know when to stop. She kidded that we don’t want to see a 10 year old kid still breastfeeding on her mom in public as the crowd erupts on a chatter. She continued to banter in asking us if we know people who do that because it was just a joke as we all continue to laugh. She paused for a moment and became serious, she told us that is needed to be done gradually as to not surprise the babies. In closing, she told us that it was a pleasure spending time with us and she thanked all of us for coming. She added that she also has a seminar next week as Kelly and I planned to go in really, really early.

Dog Planning

My wife Kelly really loves taking care of pets. She has a teacup Pomeranian that I gave her a few months ago. She recently told me that our neighbour, Lisa is currently breeding poodle mixes and has been asking around our neighbourhood on who wants to reserve a Bichon poodle for their home. Lisa immediately thought of my wife as they always see my wife walking our dog named Pookie and she was right, Kelly was so excited about it and called me immediately once she knew of the arrangements that Lisa was offering. I told Kelly that we can talk about it later at home because I’m currently buried with my work.

As I arrived, I saw Kelly pretending that she was pouting as if doing that may sway my decisions. I just laughed at her and asked her what’s for supper. She kidded that the food depends on my decision on getting a new pet. I knew that she was just kidding because I know that she’s an amazing cook. I even wanted her to study culinary arts, but she begged off as she said that she just wants to take care of me, our home and eventually, our kids.

We discussed about getting a new dog at dinner. We made a deal to write the pros and cons of getting a new dog and we have to be practical about it. I knew she was going to get a fast one on me as I saw on the pro column that I love Kelly. It made me crack as I told her that it wasn’t a valid reason as we both laughed. Our banter ended with a decision in letting her get a new dog as I want her to be happy and have another company in the house. She was so delighted about it and planned all night on what she will do with her new dog. I told her not to be too excited as there were still no dogs given birth. She told me that I was a killjoy, but she agreed that it still wasn’t sure.

Kelly told me that she read articles about that kind of breed way back and they are so active, playful and intelligent, good nature and very high spirited. They may sometimes bark excessively and should be trained at an early age. Socialization is also a key element to prevent them from barking excessively. It’s a good thing that we have Pookie so she’ll have someone to socialize with regularly. The article also said that these kinds of breeds are prone to having fractures even when dropped on a moderate height.

I told Kelly to ask Lisa about deworming, vaccines and about the papers if they are included in the deal. The last thing I’d want is some dog, infecting Pookie with any kind of diseases or parasites as Kelly worked really hard on taking care of her. I think, it will be a few more months before she gets her new dog. I hope that it will get along fine with Pookie.

Family Planning Day 2

If you remember about the post I made when we were late about a family planning seminar in a nearby community center, we came back last week and we really pushed ourselves to be on time. The seminar started at around 9 in the morning. We were among the early birds who came. We arrived 30 minutes early. The lady lecturer last time recognized us as she smiled and introduced herself as Nurse Katie. We shook her hand and told her that even if we were late last time, we learned a lot from her, that her seminar was very informative especially with people starting to plan their family. She was glad that we appreciate what she is doing for the community. She excused herself as she needed to prepare some of her material for the seminar.

At exactly 9, she started talking about Family Planning and why it is an essential part of a growing family.   She tackled very interesting topics like how to assess on how many kids you can support with a kind of lifestyle you have, how to use various family planning methods from natural to using medicines and devices, how to know that you are pregnant with using pregnancy kits, knowing the signs and symptoms of pregnancy and how to deal with pre and post pregnancy. She also talked about dealing with post postpartum depression.

The signs and symptoms that she taught us enabled me to know how many weeks am I pregnant. The initial signs like morning sickness, tenderness of breasts, fatigue, weird food cravings, mood swings, constipation, and weight gains points to the first trimester of pregnancy. In the second trimester, the morning sickness and cravings should have faded by now. Among the three trimesters, people say that this is far the easiest time for a pregnant woman as she becomes more energetic. This is also the time when you can now learn the gender of the baby if you choose to do so. And lastly, the third trimester is the most tedious of all as the woman deals with her continuous weight gain as the child further develops in the uterus. It also includes backache, shortness of breath, frequent heartburn and heavy vaginal discharges are common. This is also the time when you can now talk to the baby as it can now move around the uterus.

The topic that caught the most interest for Kelly was about using an implantation calculator. It is a calculator which will enable you to determine the expected due date of the baby. All you have to do is remember the last day of your regular period, add 7 days and then add more 9 months and you get the expected date of delivery. These dates are just guides as it sometimes goes before or after the expected date but it’s pretty close.

All in all, Kelly and I learned many things from the two days that we attended the seminar. It really sinks in on how heavy is the responsibility of having a child. I know we’re still not ready to have a baby, but this is a vital step to getting there.

Pet Shop

There is a new shop just a block away from our house. Kelly and I were curious about it, so we went there for a look. Kelly was so thrilled because it is a big pet shop. They have a wide array of selection of pet breeds to choose from. We saw numerous breeds of dogs, cats, bunnies, fishes, and even exotic ones like tarantulas and hedgehogs. I was actually surprised when I saw a hedgehog because I have not seen one in person. I am even more surprised to know that hedgehogs as pets have been very popular now. For gamers out there, you would be familiar with Sonic the Hedgehog and real hedgehogs are not fast as Sonic, but they also could curl up to a ball when they are frightened.

The owner welcomed us into his shop and he introduced himself as Derek. He told asked us if we have kids because hedgehogs are on trend right now. They also got hedgehog cages on sale at 20% off the normal price. He added that it is going to be on sale until supplies last, and we saw that there were only five cages left, as we saw many people bought hedgehogs for the past couple of minutes that we have been in there. I told Derek that I still have to talk to my wife about it because we already have too many pets in our house. He said that it is okay and we should just take our time browsing through his shop.

Kelly was pouting and I know what that meant. I asked her about who is going to take care of the hedgehog because we already have too many dogs in our household. She told me that she read somewhere that they are not that hard to take care of, as they only need staple food and water every day. I asked her about exercises for the pet and she told me that she is going to buy him a wheel to run on every day. I double-checked with her about buying the pet because I am not planning to take care of them, because I am more than busy with our business. She assured me that she would take care of it, better than she takes care of me and we both laughed. I told her to approach Derek as I plan to take a closer look at the hedgehogs.

Kelly went towards Derek and she told him that she is finally going to buy one. The owner was so happy that we decided to get one, he even told her that he would give a 30% discount if she gets two hedgehogs and she did. I overheard what they were talking about and I just smiled at my wife, shaking my head. The owner added that they do not bite and they’re very friendly towards humans once we get to gain their trust. He reminded us not to pet them on their quills because they do not like it. He added that we should just touch them on their bellies.

Dog Tired

I barely get enough sleep during weekdays because my regular routine consists of waking up at around five in the morning and I get home at ten in the evening. Having my own business is really a lot of work, but it is really rewarding financially. I just really need to focus on multi-tasking and delegating jobs to my employees. I also get satisfaction when I see customer’s faces light up with excitement when I tell them that they could finally buy their dream house without any problems.

This weekend, I plan to sleep all day to rejuvenate my body because I have been getting weaker day by day because of the heavy workload last week. I told my wife about it and I apologized to her because we had plans of going out to get groceries and having a fancy dinner at night. I told her that I prefer just staying in and we just order some Chinese for dinner and she agreed about my plan. I added that my two assistants were down with the flu, so I told them to rest and I tried to manage my business by myself and I did, but it took a toll on my body. I was so busy that I had a few unexplained bruising that I did not know where I got. I found about it when I was taking a shower and I felt some pain in my thighs and there it is. Three bruises that came from nowhere.

I told my wife, Kelly, about it and she asked me if I wanted to get a consult from our family doctor and I told her that it was nothing to be worried about. I must just have a bump or two into my desk as I was always trying to beat deadlines last week because I am short of the work force. I added that my two assistants called me earlier and they told me that they were going back to work first thing on Monday morning and I am glad about it because I think that I could not take a another week of doing their work plus doing my usual routine every day.

Kelly told me that I should take care of myself better because she does not want me to suffer just because of earning lots of money and I could not properly enjoy it because I would be sick. She added that I should also take time to smell the flowers and enjoy our lives together. She told me that she is going to plan a vacation and I do not have a choice, but to come. We both laughed about it and I told her that I want a vacation that does not have a definite itinerary because I just want to relax and keep my worries away. She remembered that a friend of hers invited her to the opening of their resort in two weeks. She added that her friend told her that we could stay there for a weekend for free and we’re both excited about it.


Days really fly fast when you enjoy your life with good company. Kelly and I didn’t even notice that our second anniversary is coming up next month and we are both excited about it because a couple of months ago, we planned on getting a new tattoo as a milestone of our love.

We went to the tattoo shop where we are planning to get our second tattoo. The owner introduced himself as Ryan as we shook his hands. He told me that I looked familiar and I told him that we had our first tattoo done in his shop when it was still at their old location. I added that I just found their new location at Facebook. I told Ryan that we are finally sure about our designs and I want to book an appointment with their artist a month from now. He thanked us for returning to his place as they often does not have return customers because their new place is further than the old one. I told him that we did not mind the distance, as long as the quality is superb and he agreed. He shared that they lost a few customers down the road because of their distance. I told him that I also have a business and I also used to have a problem about that. I shared with him what I did which was I preserved and varied my marketing ploy to get more customers. I suggested him to take advantage of free marketing and make many promotions in social media sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Instagram. He thanked me for my inputs and told me that he would try to do that later.

Kelly remembered to ask the owner if it was advisable to put tattoos over pimples under the skin and he told her that it was not advisable because it would lead to nasty infections that would not easily heal with normal antibiotics. He added that we should assess first a good location for our next tattoos because it is very painful to get it off the skin, and at the same time, it is going to be pricey.

We were still browsing on the designs of their walls and their artists are really good as they were so lifelike. We just love that even the highlights and midtones were realistically captured in the drawings on the wall. After a minute, we overheard some customer telling a story about her tattoo scabbing that she got from another tattoo shop. The tattoo artist told her that her past artist was not good enough, as he needs more practice to prevent scabbing. He mentioned that there is a proper technique to prevent that and that is where experience really matters because the artist’s hands should always be stable and are not tingling. The customer asked him if he could do something about his last scabbed tattoo and he told her that it is not advisable yet to cover it up with a new one. He added that she should wait months until her tattoo fully heals and she agreed.

Kelly suddenly remembered what we still have some errands to do and we bade goodbye to Ryan. I told him that we would see him in a month.


The Sad Truth

My wife Kelly has been bugging me for weeks to buy her a cute little Teacup Pomeranian, but I don’t have time to discuss it with her because I’m so busy with work even on weekends. Another thing is that I don’t like small dogs, I’d rather get a boxer pitbull mix or a Doberman Pinscher if I am the only one to decide.  My point is, why buy a dog if it can’t protect my family and I. I have a feeling that we will be discussing this matter for hours and I love my wife that I will just give in to her request. I hope she would also let me get my kind of dog to be fair.

I used to have a Doberman Pinscher named Igor when I was young. My mom and dad gave it to me during my 8th birthday. I asked them to give me a dog instead of having a party. They thought I was kidding, but I wasn’t because I was always bored at home with no siblings, so having my own dog would be a welcome development for me. Igor was blue in color, smart and intelligent, extremely loyal and friendly towards my family and very alert when there were strangers passing by our yard. I often play catch with him after school in the park.

Whenever I had more spare time, I try to let him socialize with other dogs around our neighborhood so he won’t be so aggressive towards the other dogs without any valid reason. His veterinarian suggested that to me and it worked wonders. I bought a dog training book and trained him by myself with basic commands such as come, stay, heel, speak, jump, down and play dead. It was such a challenging and at the same time, a wonderful experience as I’ve learned to be more patient. Unfortunately, I haven’t trained him yet not to eat other than the food or treats that my family and I give him in his plate. I saw him lying down in the yard vomiting and seems weakening. I rushed to his side and called my dad out loud. We decided to bring him to the veterinarian, but the doctor is an hour away from our home. I was a kid then and I didn’t have any clue on what to do. I just kept calling his name, petting him and telling him everything is going to be alright. We arrived at the clinic, Igor can’t even walk so I carried him inside. The doctor asked me what did he eat, but I didn’t have any idea. Igor was having chills and he can’t fully open his eyes until he stopped breathing.

It was a sad experience and I don’t want that to happen again. Since then, I’ve read many books about pet poisonings and the home remedies that can be applied as first aid such as inducing vomiting with 3% Hydrogen Peroxide, feeding activated charcoals or burnt toast to counteract caustic poisons such as bleaches and detergents. Too bad, if I had this information before, Igor wouldn’t have died. I’m looking forward to taking care of new dogs as I’m better equipped now than before.

Hay Fever

One of my assistants called in today to tell me he can’t go to work today because he has to attend to her sick grandmother who has pneumonia. Fluid in lungs is starting to bother her breathing. I know it is pretty serious since he doesn’t normally miss work; he still tries working even when he has allergic rhinitis episodes. I was even the one who makes him go home and ask him to rest for a faster recovery whenever I see him inadequate to perform his daily tasks in the office.

The last time he didn’t work was when he had really bad allergies due to pollen grains as he lives nearby the fields. He still made it here in the office, but his nose and eyes were red due to his condition. I asked him if he already took his medicines, but he said he wasn’t taking any for now as he was experimenting if the natural antihistamine in foods like flavonoids, vitamin C and omega 3 fatty acids were going to treat him. Flavonoids and Vitamic C are normally consumed when you eat fruits and vegetables while Omega 3 fatty acids can be found in fatty fishes like tuna, halibut and mackerel. I hope his plan pushes through as I was really concerned about his condition because really looked sick.

Allergic Rhinitis or hay fever is a condition wherein it is triggered by allergens to cause inflammation of our nasal airways. There are many possible triggers, which differs from person to person, such as pollen grains, baby powder, laundry detergents, perfumes, molds, animal danders and dust. Some people are also affected by extreme weathers like too much heat or too chilly. Signs and symptoms include runny nose; watery, itchy eyes and nose, sneezing, malaise, post nasal drip and anosmia which is a loss of smell due to nasal blockage. It also may lead to sinusitis and asthma attacks so you have to be careful and treat it before it gets out of hand. Some people even develop hives because of hay faver, they’re itchy, red bumps which appear on different parts of the body. To fully diagnose such a disease, one has to consult an allergologist. An allergologist is a doctor that specializes in all sorts and types of allergies.

Allergic rhinitis still doesn’t have a cure, but it can be managed to minimal attacks. Rhinitis sufferers are encouraged to determine what their triggers are and try to avoid them at all cost. Antihistamines like diphenhydramine are drugs frequently given, as it controls the sneezing, rhinorrhea or runny nose and itchiness, however they have the side effect of drowsiness. Antihistamines appear in oral and nasal forms. Oral forms are usually prescribed when taking it everyday for prevention, while nasal forms are used when immediate relief is necessary. Fortunately, drug companies made further researches and invented a new form of antihistamines which doesn’t have drowsy effects such as loratadine and cetirizine. Oral and nasal spray steroids may also be prescribed if antihistamines take too long to take its effect. Steroids can be used without antihistamines.

Time to be more Active

I haven’t seen my grandfather for a while and I received news that he wasn’t doing great. He was confined the other day at a hospital two cities away from here due to a hip flexor pain, like the one describe by experts at www.hipconditions.net. I decided to visit him with Kelly this weekend.  We were both really worried about what happened as grandma wasn’t answering our calls. I contacted some of our relatives and they told us that he is okay now. He is just confined in the hospital to make him rest and reduce stress. They asked me when are we going down there and told them that we are scheduled to be on this weekend as they will try to wait for us since they are leaving this weekend.

Kelly bought my grandfather a big bouquet of flowers and a fruit basket with assorted fruits like apples, pears, kiwi, peaches and oranges. We arrived at the hospital and ask the concierge where the elevators that may lead us to room 509. My hands were full with the flowers and fruit basket so I let Kelly knocked. My grandma opened the door and was teary eyed when she saw us. I hugged her and I asked where grandpa was because he wasn’t in the room. She told us he was having an x-ray exam. After a few hours, someone opened the door from outside and then I saw grandpa in a wheelchair. I hugged him as I asked him if he’s alright. He was so happy to see us both. His doctor was leaving and I ran after him because I have questions about my grandfather’s condition.

The doctor introduced himself as Dr. Morello as I shook his hand. He wore a pristine, white coat. He was tall, lean and looked serious. He told me that the elderly are really prone to this condition because they tend to have sedentary lifestyles. He stressed that periods of prolonged sitting results in the tightness of the hip flexors and hamstrings thus causing pain so he advised my grandpa to stretch his muscle from time to time. He also told me if that continues to sit long periods, he might suffer more pain. He told me that his x-ray exam was great and didn’t have any fractures. He just gave my grandfather non steroidal inflammatory drugs to take after meals to relieve discomfort. I thanked him for his time and gone off to my grandpa’s room.

My grandfather told us that he also has to exercise anterior hip precautions and refer him to this site. I reminded him with that the doctor told me and he was so thankful that I made time to visit him. He even joked that he can go fishing with me later as we all grinned. Kelly and I wish my grandfather a better health. I suggested he go out with his other friends to keep him active. He told me that he had news that some of his friends brisk walk in the morning and he might join them after he fully recovered and that’s really a good news to hear.

Dental Health

Many people take their dental health for granted, but I believe that I am one of the few who takes it seriously. Since childhood, I was made to brush my teeth three times a day by my parents at home. They even ask me about it when I’m already tucked in bed. When I started kindergarten, similar advises also came from our teachers. I didn’t know what happened, but it was really instilled on my mind. Besides from brushing my teeth regularly, I also floss my teeth and scrape my tongue with a scraper after brushing, I also go to my dentist every 6 months depending on my teeth and gum condition.

I am now close with my dentist as I have been his patient for the last 15 years. His name is Dr. Philips, he is tall, friendly and a happy go lucky guy. I was referred by my dad because he was classmates with his dad back in middle school. We really formed a good relationship as we now treat each other as family. From time to time, they come from our home to visit which I also return the favor.

One day, I heard my assistant screaming in pain as he holds his jaw. I rushed towards him and asked what happened. I thought someone sucker punched him, but no, he told me he has severe gum pain which he was trying to endure for three days now. He added that he just takes tooth pain relief medicines such as Ibuprofen and Mefenamic Acid. I told him to get himself checked as it can be serious. I gave him Dr. Philips’ number and tell him that I referred you. He quickly called him and asked if he didn’t have a schedule for this hour and luckily he didn’t.

Dr. Philips’ clinic is about ten blocks away so I got my car and decided to come with my assistant as I also wanted to see and visit my friend. The last time we saw each other was about a month ago when we had a dinner out with our wives. My assistant rang the doorbell and the doctor opened. He was surprised that I came because he thought that I was so busy with the business. We had a brief chat and then turned to his patient. He asked him to gargle water and then examined his teeth. He gently tapped the suspected rotten teeth as my assistant screamed. He told him that his tooth can’t be filled anymore with a composite and he may need to perform a tooth extraction because it’s his best option. I told my assistant that I’ll pay for it so he shouldn’t worry about the payment. He thanked me and he agreed to the operation.

The doctor asked him when was the last time that he had a dental checkup because it seems that most of his teeth have cavities. He added that he doesn’t do something about it, he’s afraid that most of his teeth will be extracted and he’ll probably wear dentures. My assistant was scared about it and asked the doctor on how he can prevent that as I listened in.

Perfect timing

My body has been really getting a beating on working 6 to 7 days a week for the past few months. It’s financially rewarding but my friend, Allen had some concerns about it. He warned and reminded me to also make time for relaxation because I badly need it. Last month I had a pain on top of foot and just this week, I think I had liver pain because it aches on the upper-right quadrant beneath my rib cage. I hope I’m wrong because I can’t afford to get sick, not now that my business is booming.

I had myself checked up and had routine blood workup to see what my real condition is.  I waited for a few hours for my results. I was reading a magazine as my doctor approached and asked me to go into his office. He asked me if I drink a lot and I told him I’ve been very busy during the day and drinking 2 to 3 bottles of beer helps me sleep. He told me that my blood test shows some minimal elevation of bilirubin, liver enzymes (SGPT and SGOT) and alpha fetoproteins which lead to a liver disease if I don’t change my lifestyle fast.

The doctor told me this liver pain might lead to liver cirrhosis if I don’t do something about it. Liver Cirrhosis is a condition wherein the normal liver tissues are gradually being replaced by scar tissues.   The scar tissue affects the normal structure and regrowth of liver cells. The scar tissue blocks the flow of blood through the liver and slows the processing of nutrients, hormones, drugs, and naturally produced toxins.

Signs and symptoms of cirrhosis include jaundice, loss of appetite, weight loss, edema especially on the leg area and the tendency to bleed and bruise easily. There are many possible causes of cirrhosis of the liver. The more common causes are Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Hepatitis D, fatty liver, Hemochromatosis and alcohol abuse. On the other hand, rarer cases include auto immune diseases, Wilson’s disease, primary billiary cirrhosis, cystic fibrosis and primary schlerosing cholangitis. To diagnose patients with cirrhosis of the liver, one must undergo blood tests, biopsy, Magnetic Resonance Elostography, CT scan, Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI and ultrasound.

The doctor said that I’m fortunate enough that I caught this early on, because early cases don’t manifest when it’s on the early stage. It’s nice that I had myself checked up this early so I can do something about it. He also told me that I need to change some of my ways then after a month, I need to get a blood test again to compare it with the earlier results to see if that changes that I made worked. He also discussed the things that I needed to know like the alternatives to help me sleep and how to take better care of my health like managing my right weight or body mass index, consuming alcohol in moderation and eating a healthy diet.